Escolhas de 2004 (3): Axis of Weasels

Criado em Julho de 2002, o ScrappleFace.com é um site dedicado à sátira política. Scott Ott coordena uma equipa cujo mote é simples: “News Fairly Unbalanced. We Report. You Decipher”. Em meados deste ano saiu esta compilação, Axis of Weasels, reunindo alguns dos melhores textos publicados ao longo dos primeiros 18 meses. O ScrappleFace.com continua em plena actividade e grande forma.

Eis duas amostras:

1. Bomb Explodes Early: No Virgins Await

(2003-06-23) — A Palestinian Muslim cleric said that “no virgins await” four members of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade who accidentally blew themselves up while preparing to plant a bomb in the Gaza Strip.
“There is no partial credit”, said the unnamed cleric. “You either kill some Jews and get 72 virgins in heaven, or you fail to kill Jews and you’re just another dead Muslim. No virgins for you”.
Palestinian officials initially claimed that the men have died in an Israel tank attack, but later admitted that the blast was a “work accident.”
A large sign on a local Al Aqsa Brigade building now reads: “Our employees have gone ‘0’ days without a work-related accident. Remember, safety is everyone’s job.”

2. MS Windows Flaw Prevents Hacker Access

(2002-11-22) — Microsoft Corp. today disclosed another security flaw of “critical” severity in most versions of its popular Windows operating system.
In its 66th security bulletin this year, Microsoft urged users to download a software patch from the company’s Web site.
The latest flaw could allow the owner of a PC to control its own computer. It might also prevent access by a hacker to the user’s hard drive.
“In some ways, this is the most shocking flaw we’ve discovered”, said Microsoft founder Bill Gates. “Without this patch, a Windows user will lose that traditional feeling that someone else is in control. It’s always been a comfort to our users to know that a highly intelligent being was out there, knowing what you’re thinking, feeling and doing. We want our Windows costumers to know that even when you’re all alone with your computer, you are never really alone.”

A partir de hoje está disponível a ligação para o site aqui nesta página. Entretanto o Axis of Weasels entra com todo o mérito para a lista de leituras “de boa memória” do ano de 2004.

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