Pós-Modernismo e Informática? Custa a crer, mas é verdade. Veja-se este pedaço de prosa difundido numa lista de correio electrónico dedicada a AOSD (Aspect-Oriented Software Development):
I mean that pay attention to the scientific coupling matter/form and repetition/similarity instead of the postmodernit coupling material/force and repetition /difference coined by Deleuze and Guattari (postmodernist philosophers).The latter was very concerned with an ecophilosophy. We, the panelists of this outstanding ecocity conference are expected to state a plan of action next June! I would be the happiest human being if we could start a non-governmental organization concerned with denouncing the bad practices of computer scientists and mathematicians all over the world not only hindering the application of their methodologies to sustainable development but also hindering professionals from sustainable domains to advance their knowledge. Of course because they invade all domains with their ill-practices and those that criticize them are wrong. Or are not concerned with computer science at all!!! It is impossible to build a sustainable basis for our cities without computer science and mathematics. Only these sciences may give origin to scalable practices to face the challenge of an ever growing population and the complexity involved in the ecological knowledge! It is impossible to work in teams with aspectual collaborative software architectures! Just take a look at the level of the groupware systems community!! To work synergetically and in groups is a fiction dream for the current state of art in computer science! Interest in dialogue and discourse in the realm of software is best grasped as Agile Software Development!! Here the human beings become first-class components of software. Then you simply gather together everybody and miraculously all software since the sixties is able to integrate Agile practices!!! And lots of books are being published from conventional computer scientists about this! Instead of Agile Software Development become an advance, it is apparently one more Babel Effect!Exactly according to the model of sociopathy described by Lion Kuntz!!!

Estamos perdidos.

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