Nazismo e Socialismo Mais umas achegas para a excelente resposta do Contra a Corrente ao Linhas de Esquerda:
What distinguished Nazism from traditional forms of socialism was its febrile nationalism, although not its virulence against despised peoples. Marx, as we have seen [pág. 66 e 67], looked forward to the "annihilation" of "reactionary races." The examples he gave were "Croats, Pandurs, Czechs and similar scum." He did not in this passage mention Jews, but his desire for their disapearance was amply expressed elsewhere. His aspiration for "the emancipation of society from Judaism" because "the practical Jewish spirit" of "huckstering" had taken over the Christian nations is not that far from the Nazi program's twenty-fourth point: "combat[ing] the Jewish-materialist spirit within us and without us" in order "that our nation can...achieve permanent health."

Joshua Muravchik, Heaven on Earth: The Rise and Fall of Socialism, Encounter Books, San Francisco, 2002.

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